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Sep 2015
New Zealand Schools: Ngā Kura o Aotearoa, also known as the Schools Sector Report, is the annual report of the Minister of Education on the compulsory schools sector in New Zealand. The reports provide information on how well the schools sector is performing. The reports open with a broad...

2 Apr 2009
This report outlines the development of primary health care nursing in New Zealand since the introduction of the Primary Health Care Strategy (PHCS) in 2001 (Minister of Health 2001). The report is part of the Evaluation of the Implementation and Intermediate Outcomes of the Primary Health Care Strategy...

Sep 2011
These reports outline trends in teacher numbers, teacher loss rates and reasons for teacher losses. They are produced annually by the Demographic & Statistical Analysis Unit to assist in the Ministry's monitoring of teacher supply and give an indication of the stability of the teacher workforce and the state of...

Jun 2011
The Adult Literacy and Life Skills (ALL) Survey is an investigation of the distribution of certain skills (such as literacy, numeracy, and document interpretation) among the adult population. It is conducted at both international and national levels. This allows for comparison with other countries as well as...

Feb 2012
The Te Kōtahitanga project sought to investigate how to improve the educational achievement of Māori students in mainstream secondary school classrooms, by talking with Māori students and other participants in their education. It was from these narratives that the rest of the Te Kōtahitanga project developed. ...

The Ministry of Education is committed to aligning policy and practice to improve students’ achievement.  It must be informed by and respond to information about what works, under what conditions, for whom, why and how and what makes a bigger positive difference.  However, not all knowledge will inform better decision making,...

Jul 2013
The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) measures trends in mathematics and science achievement at the fourth and eighth grades (Years 5 and 9) as well as monitoring curricular implementation and identifying the most effective instructional practices from around the world. This is the fifth cycle of...

1 Mar 2008
The Public Health Consultancy (Wellington School of Medicine) In 2001 the Ministry of Health funded ICAH groups in four areas to develop different ways of bringing together community and health sector organisations to improve the health status of Māori, Pacific and Quintile 5 people living in those areas....

Nov 2014
Data on students taught by Resource Teachers: Literacy (RT:Lits) and their precursors, the Resource Teachers of Reading (RTRs) have been collected and analysed each year since 1992. RT:Lits offer specialist assistance to primary and intermediate level school students (mostly six to twelve-year-olds) with moderate difficulties in...

Jul 2013
The Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) is a research study that provides both trend and snapshot information on the reading literacy of New Zealand's Year 5 students in both the International and national contexts. PIRLS-2010/2011 was the third cycle of the study to be administered.

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