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Jun 2010
This report describes how a wānanga, a polytechnic, two private training establishments and an industry training organisation teach literacy, language and numeracy skills as part of their programmes.

Jul 2007
This report examines the academic impact of the research by New Zealand universities, as measured by citations per publication, between 1981 and 2005. This report is one of a series that explores a newly available bibliometric database to analyse the research performance of New Zealand universities. It...

Jun 2014
This evaluation’s main purpose is to understand how well the programme has been implemented and to what extent it has achieved its objectives. The key evaluation questions are: How well (effectively and efficiently) has the programme been implemented? To what extent has the...

May 2014
This report includes information on students: choice of provider, qualifications taken, and other important characteristics of people undertaking tertiary education study.

Sep 2015
This report is the second annual evaluation report for the Teach First NZ pilot programme. The first report focused on the programme’s first year, Cohort 13. This second report focuses on Year 2 for Cohort 13 and Year 1 for Cohort 14. This 2014 evaluation confirms that, in general, the Teach First NZ programme...

The focus of this case study is to showcase best practise and look at the processes undertaken to work towards developing relations between a tertiary institution and the wider community. Highlighting the progress made to date, the challenges faced and key goals / milestones which will be the focus for the coming months.

Nov 2006
The size of the tertiary student population is an indicator of the accessibility of tertiary education. It is also a key determinant of the levels of human capital that will be available to the New Zealand labour force. The purpose of this report is to note the influence of projected population change on the...

May 2009
New Zealand has one of the lowest reported higher education qualification completion rates in the OECD, significantly below Australia. Why do so many New Zealand students not complete their qualification? This paper looks behind some of the numbers in an attempt to better understand and assess New Zealand's performance...

Apr 2012
This paper examines the determinants of firms’ skill shortages, using a specially-designed survey, the Business Strategy and Skills (BSS) module of the Business Operations Survey. We combine the BSS module with additional data on firms in the Statistics New Zealand’s prototype Longitudinal Business Database (LBD). We focus on...

May 2010
The study considered a population of first-year bachelors-degree students at university, who had all achieved the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) level 3 and attained the University Entrance standard.

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