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27 Nov 2017
This report contains results from the Home Safety Study on alcohol and risk of injuries from unintentional cutting, piercing and falls at home. 

Estimates of the 2000/02 burden of death and disability due to alcohol consumption in New Zealanders have been used widely by researchers and policymakers. In the eight years since the previous estimates were published, more recent alcohol consumption data and burden estimation methods have become available....

Mar 2006
This study assesses bar managers’ overall support for workplace smoking bans and their perceptions of the impact of smoking bans on venue revenue and individual rights. A cohort study of bar managers was undertaken to assess any changes in support over time and factors influencing these changes. The cohort was surveyed in the...

Jun 2000
Drowning is the third cause of injury death across all age groups. Internationally and within New Zealand, alcohol has also been associated with drowning. In 1999, the Injury Prevention Research Centre (IPRC) conducted Stage I of the Boating Safety Survey in the form of a pre-intervention boating survey....

Aug 2014
20 August 2014 Dr Roger Blakeley Chief Planning Officer Auckland Council Dear Dr Blakeley In February this year, on behalf of several Councils, you made similar requests to the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor (PMCSA), the Royal...

Dec 2006
This review of the peer-reviewed research literature was compiled as an output of the 2004-2006 COHFE project Addressing Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Meat and Seafood Processing, conducted in collaboration with Massey University and funded jointly by the Health Research Council New Zealand, ACC...

Sep 2006
This report outlines changes associated with the implementation of the amended Smoke-free Environments Act 1990: 2003-2006.

16 Aug 2016
The Reducing Harm from Falls Programme is a national programme led by the Health Quality & Safety Commission. The programme was established in mid-2012 and was one of the first focus areas of the national patient safety campaign Open for better care. The New Zealand Triple Aim was one of the...

Providing Swim and Survive programmes is the responsibility of a number of organisations and agencies in New Zealand. Prior to Swim and Survive programmes many people referred to ‘learn to swim’ which is more about acquiring swim skills. More recently there has been a focus on swim skills and survive skills in...

May 2013
This research was undertaken as part of the national monitoring of sun exposure and related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours. In addition to monitoring, this project helps to inform the activities of the skin cancer prevention sector, which includes HPA's sun safety programme. The Sun Exposure Survey is an ongoing,...

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