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The 2012 Health and Lifestyles Survey (HLS) included four questions that assessed people’s acceptability of extending smokefree areas to other public places and private vehicles where children are in them.

Jun 2011
In 2010, around three in four (76%) people agreed that smoking should be banned in all outdoor places where children go, an increase from 2008. In 2010, current smokers, people of European/Other ethnicity (compared with people of Asian ethnicity), and males were less likely to agree.

2 Mar 2010
This report contains the results of the investigation into possible public health effects resulting from the Mapua contaminated site remediation. The report was written by the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board phs following a request by the Ministry. The report assesses the public...

Jan 2011
Started in 1994, this ongoing sun protection survey takes place every three years, and collects information on New Zealanders' sun protection behaviour and attitudes. This document presents responses of a youth sample aged 13-17 years and the younger adult sample aged 18-24 years.

Apr 2010
HSC’s communications about sun safety is evaluated through post-campaign surveys. This document presents results from the Never Let Your Child Get Sunburnt communication campaign, which began in 2008 and ran for three years.

Dec 2010
In 2007/08, the Health Sponsorship Council (HSC) launched the Never Let Your Child Get Sunburnt campaign. The campaign targeted parents and caregivers and explained the link between sunburn and melanoma, with the overall aim of reducing sunburn among children. In March 2010, the HSC evaluated the effectiveness of its three-year...

Feb 2015
HPA’s SunSmart programme encourages New Zealanders to reduce excessive sun exposure by staying in the shade, as well as adopting other sun protection behaviours. In addition to promoting individual responsibility for sun protection, HPA also works to encourage sun-safe environments. Councils have the opportunity to consider...