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Aug 2014
Family connectedness describes the quality of connections within a family and is important for wellbeing in adolescence. It is a protective factor against risky behaviour. Substance use is a key risky behaviour that emerges in adolescence, with tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption of particular concern for Pacific youth....

2 Sep 2009
Annual statistical publication that collates and analyses information on the causes of fetal and infant deaths registered in New Zealand.

2 May 2010
The purpose of the Fetal and Infant Deaths publication series is to inform discussion and assist in future policy development. Readership of this publication is wide-ranging and the contents reflect this, aiming to meet the needs of all interested parties. The Fetal and Infant Deaths publication series...

Jul 2015
This report examines health literacy demands on both whānau and health services around asthma management for Māori children. It makes a number of recommendations to address health literacy to improve asthma outcomes for Māori children. Recommendations focus on health system, health organisation and health...

Jul 2010
The Health and Lifestyles Survey (HLS) is a monitor of the health behaviour and attitudes of New Zealand adults aged 15 years and over, and parents and caregivers. The HLS is managed by the Health Sponsorship Council(HSC) and collects information relating to the programme areas the HSC works in. These areas include tobacco...

2 Jun 2010
The 'Hospital-based maternity events 2006' provides health statistics on the pregnancy and childbirth characteristics of mothers who gave birth in hospital, and the babies' characteristics and outcomes. It also presents regional and national comparisons. The information is presented by calendar...

2 Feb 2008
This paper, part of the Pacific Health and Disability Plan Review series, brings together available information and evidence about Pacific child health in New Zealand. It: describes the determinants of child health: families, housing, education, deprivation ...

25 Nov 2014
The research seeks to understand the kinds of services, support and information that Christchurch families and whānau affected by the earthquakes need to maintain resilience and aid their psychosocial recovery. It also focuses on identifying the most effective channels, access points and referral pathways required to reach...

Sep 2011
While it is commonly accepted that alcohol misuse is harmful, very little is known about the effects of alcohol on the lives of children in New Zealand, particularly those under the age of 16. This special report was commissioned to investigate the role that alcohol consumption plays in the deaths of children and young people in...

17 Apr 2015
This paper summarises what we know about the link between alcohol and family violence – specifically intimate partner violence (IPV) and child maltreatment. Increasingly international approaches include reducing alcohol harm as a specific action point in preventing family violence. Dealing...

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