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27 Nov 2017
This report contains results from the Home Safety Study on alcohol and risk of injuries from unintentional cutting, piercing and falls at home. 

Oct 2016
The Health Promotion Agency undertakes the Sun Exposure Survey every three years. The purpose of this ongoing research is to collect consistent information on attitudes and behaviours towards sun exposure, to facilitate comparison with historical survey data, and to inform future decision making in the sun safety and skin cancer...

16 Aug 2016
The Reducing Harm from Falls Programme is a national programme led by the Health Quality & Safety Commission. The programme was established in mid-2012 and was one of the first focus areas of the national patient safety campaign Open for better care. The New Zealand Triple Aim was one of the...

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has facilitated a review of literature associated with the development and use of trigger tools to determine rates of harm in health care settings. Trigger tools can function either as a counting system that aims to estimate the rate of harm at an organisation or as an alerting...

Oct 2015
‘My home is my marae’ is a falls prevention initiative designed to empower Māori communities through sharing knowledge and skills about home safety. It was trialled over an 18 month period in 2013 - 2014 across South Auckland and Northland regions. This report presents an ACC-commissioned evaluation of the initiative carried out...

Sep 2015
Independence in daily activities in advanced age: Findings from LiLACS NZ presents findings about the activities that people can perform independently or without assistance, for Māori (aged 80–90 years) and non-Māori (aged 85 years). The findings are from a population-based sample of...

30 Jul 2015
Local maternity quality and safety programmes have been operating in each DHB since 2012 and have raised the profile of maternity quality and safety by establishing more effective governance structures, enhanced clinical leadership and better engagement with the sector and consumers. In 2014/15, the Ministry...

Jul 2015
This report examines health literacy demands on both whānau and health services around asthma management for Māori children. It makes a number of recommendations to address health literacy to improve asthma outcomes for Māori children. Recommendations focus on health system, health organisation and health...

Jun 2015
Objectives: To determine the proportion of maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity cases, identified by the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee (PMMRC), that are also reported within the annual serious adverse events (SAEs) reports published by the Health Quality and Safety...

17 Apr 2015
This paper summarises what we know about the link between alcohol and family violence – specifically intimate partner violence (IPV) and child maltreatment. Increasingly international approaches include reducing alcohol harm as a specific action point in preventing family violence. Dealing...

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