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To monitor public opinions about tobacco control and help develop appropriate health promotion strategies, respondents in the 2012 Health and Lifestyles Survey (HLS) answered a few questions on their awareness of ‘Smokefree 2025’, and their opinions about the government’s role.

Dec 2014
This special report provides information on the mechanisms and circumstances surrounding deaths where the person was an operator or passenger of a two-, three- or four-wheeled vehicle or motorised agricultural vehicle (collectively referred to as ‘off-road vehicles’ in this report). The key findings from the...

Jun 2012
Sapere Research Group undertook a cost benefit analysis of the WHO surgical safety checklist for the Health Quality & Safety Commission. The report concludes there is scope for more consistent use of the surgical safety checklist within the New Zealand health system and that the cost of this improvement is likely to be...

Jun 2013
This project supports delivering better quality health care for all New Zealanders. It aims to achieve this by initiating the work required to measure and report how consumers or patients actually experience the health system. What happened to them and how did it make them feel? By capturing this consistently and coherently...

Sep 2013
In 2011, the Health Quality & Safety Commission (the Commission) made a decision to separate district health board (DHB) mental health and addictions services serious adverse events (SAEs) from the main SAE report, and to support the sector in its approach to reviewing and reporting SAEs. The following report is the...

2 Dec 2010
Measuring and monitoring Māori health depends on having high-quality, available ethnicity data, both in the health sector and in official statistics more generally. This paper discusses the substantial increase in ‘New Zealander’ responses to the ethnicity question in the last census, as well as changing official policies for...

Dec 2014
Patient Safety Week was an awareness raising week run by the Health Quality & Safety Commission as part of the Open for better care campaign. The purpose of the week, which ran from 3 to 9 November 2014, was to: create focus, energy, momentum and raise...

The sun safety programme of HPA launched a campaign, ‘Don’t Let the Sun Get Under Your Skin’ (UYS), to promote sun-safe knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours among young New Zealanders. Two of the main campaign activities include events that feature the use of an ultraviolet (UV) camera to show young people the damage they have...

Jun 2000
Drowning is the third cause of injury death across all age groups. Internationally and within New Zealand, alcohol has also been associated with drowning. In 1999, the Injury Prevention Research Centre (IPRC) conducted Stage I of the Boating Safety Survey in the form of a pre-intervention boating survey....

Oct 2013
This report presents and summarises findings from an evaluation of the Financial Assistance Package (FAP) for leaky homes. It has been written by the Infrastructure and Resource Markets Research, Evaluation and Analysis team within the Strategy and Governance group of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)....

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