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Dec 2017
From October to November 2016, Office of the Children's Commissioner conducted a review of six Child, Youth and Family (CYF) sites. This review was in preparation for the establishment of Oranga Tamariki in April 2017. The review confirmed that high quality preparation for family group conferences (FGCs) is important both...

Sep 2017
Healthy Families NZ is a large-scale initiative that is a key part in helping New Zealanders live healthy, active lives. There are 10 Healthy Families NZ locations around New Zealand. Together, they have the potential to impact the lives of over a million New Zealanders. The initiative aims to improve people’s...

21 Jul 2017
Is balancing the sex of their children important to New Zealand parents? Evidence from recent birth data looks at whether New Zealand parents have preferences for sons or daughters, and whether the sex of previous children affects family size. Are parents of two or three children of the...

27 Jun 2017
The Families and Whānau Status Report 2017 looks at the pivotal role that families and whānau hold within our society. It's the fifth in a series of annual reports which provide an essential background to any study, process or programme involving social services, and...

15 May 2017
At the request of the Minister for Social Development, Superu commissioned research on the importance of resilience in helping children and adults respond to adversity. Our research specifically looks at how many at-risk children go on to achieve good employment and education outcomes, and investigates the key factors that...

12 May 2017
These reports are part of the Growing Up in New Zealand longitudinal study and were prepared by the University of Auckland. They focus on the children from the study as they get ready to start school. The biggest shift for most children is that they now attend early childhood education, and most are reported...

4 May 2017
This case study details the outcomes evaluation undertaken with Barnardos in Whangarei on its in-home parenting programme. The evaluation focused on how well the programme met its objectives in changing clients’ lives for the better (ie effectiveness).

Feb 2017
Here you’ll find regional data on the wellbeing of families and whānau across the different regions of New Zealand: National Northland Auckland Waikato Bay of Plenty Hawke’s Bay

Dec 2016
This report outlines Superu’s framework for measuring whānau wellbeing and the critical thinking behind it. It discusses why these measures are important and how they can ultimately improve the wellbeing of Māori.

Dec 2016
The aim of the formative evaluation is to examine how well the Whānau Ora commissioning model is working across the three agencies. It addresses the key question, “How well has commissioning, as a model (or approach), positioned each agency to achieve the Whānau Ora outcomes?” The focus of this evaluation is...

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