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Jan 2004
Social Work Now, Issue 26, pages 15-20. Melanie Pearson examines issues of family involvement in residential intervention such as Children’s Health Camps

Sep 2011
This report presents the findings from the Youth Court research project. The research was an exploratory project aimed at providing insights into the experiences and views of young people going through the court, their families/whānau, and the experiences of Youth Court professionals. The research was...

Access to tobacco is recognised as one of the environmental risk factors for young people taking up smoking.  Participants in the Health Promotion Agency’s (HPA’s) Youth Insights Survey (YIS) of Year 10 students were asked whether they thought they could get cigarettes or tobacco from anyone in their family/...

Primary prevention of violence against women is an approach that seeks to stop violence against women before it occurs in the first place.  It is an internationally emerging field of practice with a growing evidence base about what works.  However, research on how it is understood and how effective it is in diverse cultural...

Dec 2007
Social Work Now, Issue 38, pages 5-10. Infants are one of the most vulnerable groups of children referred to statutory child welfare systems, a fact research continues to reinforce. The average annual rate of child maltreatment deaths in New Zealand for children under one year is 4...

Dec 2006
Social Work Now, Issue 35, pages 17-21. The Intervening Early Programme (IEP) is an early childhood education support programme for families with young children who are deemed to be in an at-risk situation. Families are referred to this programme by a Child, Youth and Family social...

Apr 2010
Social Work Now, Issue 45, pages 20-25. There is a rich history of professionals intervening early and working collaboratively to assist families who are struggling to nurture their children. Increasingly, ‘whole of government’ policies and approaches attempt to transcend ‘sectoral...

Jul 2005
Social Work Now, Issue 30, pages 4-7. The purpose of the access is at the very heart of access arrangements for children in care. It is commonly assumed, unless there has been a clear written statement to the contrary, that while a parent continues to visit there is still a...

Jul 2010
The Working for Families Evaluation has been jointly conducted by the Ministry of Social Development and Inland Revenue Department. It aimed to assess: The implementation and delivery of the package as a whole and its components. The impact of the package in ensuring that families get their...

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