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Dec 2006
Social Work Now, Issue 35, pages 22-27. Internationally there has been a decline in the use of residential care as a placement option for children in need of care and protection, resulting primarily from beliefs that children are best left in the care of their own families where...

Jan 2005
Youth transition services aim to assist young people to make the transition from school into further education, training or employment. This report presents key development and operational lessons from three youth transition services Taranaki Connections in Waitara The Pulse in...

3 Jul 2014
Youth Service is a new approach to working with vulnerable young people where MSD contracts a service provider to work actively and intensively with a young person Young people who access a main benefit are at extremely high risk of long term benefit dependency. Youth Service was established in August 2012 to...

The Youth Participation Videos DVD profiles youth participation projects from around New Zealand that have been supported by the Ministry of Youth Development (MYD). The Ministry is often asked, by both adults wanting to set-up youth participation in their project and young people wanting to get involved, for...

Feb 2004
This paper analyses the effects of a large reform in the minimum wages affecting youth workers in New Zealand since 2001. Prior to this reform, a youth minimum wage, applying to 16-19 year-olds, was set at 60% of the adult minimum. The reform had two components. First, it lowered the eligible age for the adult minimum wage from...

Sep 2010
Young people taking part in a Māori Youth Summit in Hamilton in September 2010 were invited to respond to a set of questions about what’s important for young Māori right now.  This survey was part of a wider consultation that the Ministry of Youth Development is carrying out with young people across New Zealand to find out what...

Aug 2010
The Ministry of Youth Development wished to obtain insight into the issues of interest and concern – affectively salience, to young people in the 12-24 year age range. An important requirement was that the issues were to originate from youth themselves rather than represent responses to issues pre selected for them to grade....

15 May 2009
Youth unemployment is a priority area for Government. Young people need as much opportunity and assistance to help them find employment as possible. In the current economic climate, youth unemployment is expected to rise, particularly in Auckland. The March 2009 Household Labour Force Survey has illustrated the impact on youth...

This report (the fourth in a series) presents some statistics on the possible effects of the Sale of Liquor Amendment Act 1999, and focuses on the lowering of the purchase age. Most of the statistics presented are updates of those presented in the earlier reports, however, statistics included in the earlier reports are not...

Nov 2013
NMSSA is an annual programme to assess and understand student achievement across the curriculum in years 4 and 8 in English-medium schools. The study has built on and extended the design of the previous National Education Monitoring Project (NEMP), which was conducted between 1995 and 2010. NMSSA incorporates...

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