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Jul 2007
This report presents the top-line findings from the 2006 Year 10 In-depth Survey (YIS). The YIS is part of the New Zealand Youth Tobacco Monitor (NZYTM), a national survey of 14 and 15 year-olds' behaviours, and risk and protective factors associated with smoking uptake. This report presents top-line...

2 Nov 2009
New Zealand Tobacco Use Survey 2008: Quitting results, focussing on the quitting behaviour of current smokers, is the second report based on the New Zealand Tobacco Use Survey 2008 (NZTUS 2008) data. The first report, Tobacco Trends 2008: A brief update of tobacco use in New Zealand was released in June 2009....

In the 2010 Health and Lifestyles Survey, 1,740 participants were asked a series of questions about drinking status, how much they would support or oppose various changes if they were to help reduce the problems associated with alcohol use, and their exposure to alcohol advertising in the past three months. These topics included...

The Youth Insights Survey (YIS) forms part of the New Zealand Youth Tobacco Monitor (NZYTM), a collaborative effort by the Health Promotion Agency (HPA) and Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). The YIS is a nationwide paper-based survey of Year 10 students conducted in schools every two years. The YIS was first carried out in its...

30 Oct 2017
The Attitudes and Behaviour towards Alcohol Survey (ABAS) is a national survey of people aged 15 years and over about alcohol consumption patterns, alcohol-related behaviour, consequences of consuming alcohol, and attitudes. Results from the 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16 surveys were combined to allow analysis of...

The Health and Lifestyles Survey (HLS) is a biennial monitor of the health behaviour and attitudes of New Zealand adults aged 15 years and over, and parents and caregivers of 5 to16-year-olds, first carried out in 2008. The HLS is managed by the Health Promotion Agency (HPA) and collects information relating to HPA’s programme...

The Youth Insights Survey (YIS) collects data on smoking-related knowledge, attitudes and behaviour, as well as students’ interests, lifestyles, activities and media use, and responses to tobacco control initiatives. It monitors the broad spectrum of risk and protective factors that relate to smoking uptake among young people....

Nov 2006
This literature review identifies New Zealand and international literature on Western drinking cultures worldwide and looks at how these have been informed by wider cultural influences. It also examines how ethnicity and indegeneity interact with Western drinking cultures.

4 Jun 2008
Portrait of Health is the first release of key descriptive findings from the 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey. Analyses have been presented by gender, age group, ethnic group, neighbourhood deprivation and regional area where possible. Results are compared with earlier surveys where possible for the total population and for...

May 2015
One of the main sources of New Zealand data on youth smoking is the Health Promotion Agency’s (HPA’s) Youth Insights Survey (YIS). The YIS monitors Year 10 students’ behaviours, attitudes and knowledge on a range of tobacco-related topics, including their opinions on the acceptability of exposure to second-hand smoke.

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