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26 May 2005
Mainstream Smoke Emissions from 'Roll-Your-Own' Loose Leaf Tobacco Sold in New Zealand analyses the smoke emissions from several ‘regular’ and ’mild’ brands of loose (Roll-Your-Own) tobacco available in New Zealand and one manufactured cigarette. The principal conclusions are that the RYO cigarettes...

2 May 2008
Smoking is a leading cause of preventable morbidity and mortality in New Zealand and is a major contributor to health inequalities. The need for collecting accurate and consistent information on the prevalence of smoking is important in order to describe and monitor the burden of tobacco use in the New Zealand population along...

2 May 2008
Tobacco Trends is an annual monitoring publication reporting on Tobacco use behaviours. Indicators reported on annually include smoking prevalence, tobacco consumption and supply and tobacco use youth. Any additional behavioural or time trend information reported may change from year to year. The ability to...

14 May 2008
The Ministry of Health has identified a social marketing campaign as one potential way to contribute to a reduction in the harm associated with the demand and usage of illegal drugs. To begin the development of such a campaign, the Ministry commissioned Litmus, to conduct a review of national and international  literature of...

1 Mar 2008
Medicines New Zealand aims to ensure the New Zealand medicines system is transparent, accessible and trusted. Responding to concerns raised by some submitters during the development of Medicines New Zealand, the Ministry of Health, together with PHARMAC, is reviewing the protocol for appointing members to...

1 Feb 2008
The fourth aim of Te Rau Hinengaro: The New Zealand Mental Health Survey was to provide baseline data and calibrate brief instruments measuring mental disorders and psychological distress to inform the use of these instruments in future national health surveys. The two instruments included in the survey were...

2 Feb 2008
This paper, part of the Pacific Health and Disability Plan Review series, brings together available information and evidence about Pacific youth health in New Zealand. It describes the determinants of youth health: biology, culture, education, employment, housing; identifies and discusses risk factors: diet,...

12 Sep 2007
Alcohol is the most commonly used drug in New Zealand, and is one of the leading causes of drug-related harm. The Government’s response to addressing alcohol-related harm has been previously guided by the joint Ministry of Health and the Alcohol Advisory Council’s (ALAC) publication, the National Alcohol Strategy (2000-2003) (...

Jul 2010
This report uses data from the 2008 New Zealand General Social Survey to explore how a range of 30 social and economic indicators vary with education. It provides evidence supporting known economic benefits, and new evidence on a range of social indicators, including health and safety, voting, volunteering, social cohesion,...

Apr 2013
This report presents key findings about alcohol use and hazardous drinking among adults aged 15 years and over. These results come from the 2011/12 New Zealand Health Survey. Hazardous drinking refers to an established drinking pattern that carries a risk of harming physical or mental health, or having harmful...

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