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21 Dec 2011
Youth forensic services are specialist mental health and alcohol and other drug (AOD) services for young people with mental health disorders, AOD problems and/or intellectual disabilities (under the Intellectual Disability (Compulsory Care and Rehabilitation) Act 2003 (IDCC&R Act)) who have offended or are alleged to...

The New Zealand Government has committed to the goal of New Zealand becoming ‘smokefree’ (smoking prevalence of less than 5%) by 2025. To achieve this it is important to reduce initiation of smoking as well as encourage quitting. Participants in the Health Promotion Agency’s (HPA’s) Youth Insights Survey (YIS) were asked whether...

Dec 2002
Social Work Now, Issue 23, pages 15-21. Evidence suggests that young people aged 15-24 in New Zealand are at increased risk of death by suicide compared with young people in other OECD countries (World Health Organization, 1998). In 1998, the most recent year for which data is...

Participants in the 2012 Youth Insights Survey (YIS) were asked about whether they wanted to stop smoking, whether they had tried to quit in the past year (12 months), and whether they were smoking at the time of the survey. Responses were examined by ethnicity, gender, school decile status and early smoking uptake (whether or...

The Health Promotion Agency’s (HPA’s) Youth Insights Survey (YIS) monitors Year 10 students’ behaviours, attitudes and knowledge on a range of tobacco-related topics, including about their desires and attempts to stop smoking, and has collected this data since 2006. This fact sheet focuses on young people’s desires and attempts...

2 Sep 2008
This report presents the Workforce Taskforce's findings and recommendations for overcoming barriers to workforce change and innovation in primary health care. The Taskforce identified the following five key areas that present barriers to change in how the primary health care workforce delivers services:...

2 Jun 2005
“Working Together” was written by the Kites Trust to advance the Ministry of Health’s knowledge of how to obtain and integrate input from mental health service users in its policy, legislative, service and system development work. “Working Together” is based on consultation (via questionnaires and interviews) with members of...

19 Dec 2011
This research study explores the work experiences of immigrants of Asian origin living in the greater Auckland region, New Zealand. Family interviews with people in a range of work situations were conducted with a total of 78 Chinese, Korean, Southeast Asian, South Asian and ‘Asian with refugee background’...

12 Feb 2015
This report highlights the impact obesity has on our economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being. At an individual and family level it can affect our income levels, educational achievement, self-esteem and social participation. As a society it affects how our taxes are used in government subsidies and even...

2 Aug 2011
This booklet looks at Whānau Ora – an approach that empowers New Zealand whānau to transform their futures by taking control of their lives. Introduced in 2010, Whānau Ora is driven by a focus on outcomes: that whānau will be self-managing, living healthy lifestyles, participating fully in society,...

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