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Jan 2010
We worked with child, young people, and organisations to explore poverty and how it affects children and young people. The result is this collection of photos, poems, artwork and stories.

Jul 2009
This report provides the summary results of the 2008 Survey of Operating Costs for early childhood education (ECE) services.

Dec 2014
In winter 2014, HPA and the Ministry of Health implemented a mass media campaign aimed at increasing awareness among parents and caregivers of at-risk children and young people about the causes and effects of rheumatic fever. The purpose of this research was to evaluate the campaign by assessing changes in rheumatic fever-...

Aug 2008
This report includes a series of proposals for reducing child poverty – some are broad, long-term preventative measures, while others are specific and short term.

2 Dec 2009
In June 2008 the initial findings for adults and children from the 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey were released in A Portrait of Health: Key results of the 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey. The publication A Focus on the Health of Māori and Pacific Children...

May 2013
This paper discusses the evidence for a Government-supported framework and how Government might partner with others. It includes a possible framework for strengthening food in school provision.

Sep 2011
The purpose of this report is to influence funders and planners to direct funds to achieve not only wellbeing for children and young people but also to reduce long-term mental health and addiction costs. A brief literature review on prevention in mental health in New Zealand and internationally was undertaken...

Jun 2010
This is the first national survey of physical activity, sedentary behaviours and dietary habits in five to 24 year-olds in New Zealand. The Survey was commissioned by SPARC together with the Ministries of Health, Education and Youth Development. Face-to-face interviews with follow-up telephone calls were conducted with a...

Dec 2005
Social Work Now, Issue 32, pages 19-22. A Differential Response Model (DRM) is one of Child, Youth and Family’s strategic initiatives. It is based on a legislative framework that has been proposed as an amendment to the Children, Young Persons, and Their Families Act 1989 (CYP&...

2 Nov 2007
This report by Michael Gaffney of the Children’s Issues Centre, University of Otago, Dunedin, in association with Carers New Zealand was commissioned and funded by the Ministry of Health. This research project was initiated to explore an area of concern raised anecdotally about children who take on a significant caring role...

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