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15 May 2009
Youth unemployment is a priority area for Government. Young people need as much opportunity and assistance to help them find employment as possible. In the current economic climate, youth unemployment is expected to rise, particularly in Auckland. The March 2009 Household Labour Force Survey has illustrated the impact on youth...

12 Feb 2015
This report highlights the impact obesity has on our economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being. At an individual and family level it can affect our income levels, educational achievement, self-esteem and social participation. As a society it affects how our taxes are used in government subsidies and even...

4 Aug 2011
Whānau Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow draws on Māori knowledge, cultural practices and methods to research stories of whānau success. Informed by the integrated nature of Māori knowledge, this paper addresses social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects of whānau development. The report concentrates on the...

Apr 2014
The Whānau Advisory Group (WAG) initiative aspires to foster quality engagement between schools and their Māori communities in order to improve Māori student achievement. This report examines the impact of the Whānau Advisory Group initiative in fostering quality engagement between schools and the Māori...

2 Aug 2012
The aim of Whāia Te Ao Mārama: Māori Disability Action Plan 2012 to 2017 is to establish priority areas of action to enable Māori disabled to achieve their aspirations, and to reduce barriers that may impede Māori disabled and their whānau from gaining better outcomes. The priority actions in Whāia Te Ao...

Aug 2009
Family carers of people with schizophrenia are an important part of the mental health sector landscape, yet there are few studies of representative samples  to inform policy and service development. Traditional psychiatric research has investigated carers’ characteristics in relation to the recipients of care, and has paid...

Apr 2006
Social Work Now, Issue 33, pages 12-15. The treatment of antisocial behaviour in adolescents is a matter for debate in this country. Many of the methods used historically, such as residential care, in general appear to be unsuccessful and have not helped the steady increase in...

Jun 2014
Equal employment opportunity (EEO) is about equality in the workplace. It is a human right to be treated fairly at every point of the employment process whether it is at pre-employment, promotion pathways or remuneration. The workplace is a critical entry point for New Zealanders from diverse backgrounds and therefore an...

17 Sep 2017
Presentation showing the findings of Rotorua focus group discussions by Dr Lynne Russell, Senior Researcher. Kāi Tahu, Ngāti Kahungunu, Kāti Māmoe, Ngāti Porou.

3 Jun 2015
This paper presents what we know about interventions and strategies to improve outcomes for children with a parent in prison. It also shines a light on the wide range of negative impacts that children with a parent in prison experience, including long term poor health, educational and social outcomes, and...

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