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22 Mar 2013
This brief paper presents key findings about the health and wellbeing of Pacific adults and children in 2011/12. These results come from the New Zealand Health Survey.

26 Oct 2012
The New Zealand Maternity Clinical Indicators are the result of a collaborative process involving the Ministry of Health and maternity stakeholders, representing consumer, midwifery, obstetric, general practice, paediatric and anaesthetic perspectives. Building on previous work undertaken across Australasia, an expert working...

1 Dec 2010
This report is the third in a series of on-line publications reporting on hospital maternity data as recorded in the National Minimum Dataset. The publication includes maternal and newborn demographic information as well as some clinical and procedural data associated with the birth event.

2 Jun 2010
The 'Hospital-based maternity events 2006' provides health statistics on the pregnancy and childbirth characteristics of mothers who gave birth in hospital, and the babies' characteristics and outcomes. It also presents regional and national comparisons. The information is presented by calendar...

18 Jun 2014
Optimal weight gain during pregnancy is associated with improved outcomes for both the mother and the baby regardless of the mother’s existing weight. An estimated one third of women of normal weight and 60 percent of obese women gain more than recommended during pregnancy.The Guidance updates and replaces...

10 May 2013
This document provides advice for health practitioners on vitamin D and sun exposure in pregnancy and infancy. It identifies those at high risk of vitamin D deficiency and provides recommendations for vitamin D supplementation. This document complements advice for the general population: The Consensus...

2 Nov 2008
This background paper supports three of the key priorities of the New Zealand Health Strategy (Minister of Health, 2000) – namely, to: improve nutrition increase physical activity reduce obesity. Food and Nutrition Guidelines...

2 Apr 2009
The National Strategic Plan of Action for Breastfeeding 2008-2012 sets out a strategic framework to support the establishment of a breastfeeding culture in New Zealand. It is the advice of the National Breastfeeding Committee to the Director-General of Health. The plan sets out desired objectives and outcomes...

31 Jul 2007
The government has funded the Ministry of Health to develop a national breastfeeding promotion campaign to improve breastfeeding rates and duration, especially for high-need groups, and Māori and Pacific peoples who have lower rates of breastfeeding than the non-Māori and non-Pacific population. The Ministry...

2 Apr 2007
Antenatal Down Syndrome Screening in New Zealand 2007 is the result of work carried out by the Antenatal Down Syndrome Screening Advisory Group. The Advisory Group was convened as part of a review of the current practice of antenatal screening for Down syndrome carried out by the National Screening Unit. This...

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