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This factsheet provides a summary of the findings of a study Sport NZ funded looking at young women’s engagement with sport, with a focus on 15 to 17 year olds. The study, by the University of Otago, aimed to further understand young women’s views and experiences of sport, and the factors that influence these.

Primary prevention of violence against women is an approach that seeks to stop violence against women before it occurs in the first place.  It is an internationally emerging field of practice with a growing evidence base about what works.  However, research on how it is understood and how effective it is in diverse cultural...

Feb 2017
Teen Parent Units (TPUs) aim to improve access to schooling and to promote positive educational outcomes for teenagers who are pregnant or parents. They also provide wrap-around support, early childhood education for children, and links with health and social services. Existing evidence and ERO reports suggest...

Mar 2012
As the policy challenges of dealing simultaneously with an ageing population, increased costs of health care and welfare benefits, and economic and fiscal constraints, an increased expectation for self-funding in relation to retirement income is being encouraged in New Zealand. At the same time, there is recognition that...

Apr 2012
This report summarises the findings from interviews with four women in their midfifties. The key purpose of the interviews was to find out about the women’s experiences of factors in the workplace that impact on their ability to accumulate assets for retirement. The women were based in the wider Wellington...

Nov 2015
This research was focused on the narratives of a group of women in New Zealand who had served sentences managed by the Department of Corrections, had received some form of rehabilitation, but nevertheless had re-offended. It sought to understand what women thought were important factors driving their re-offending, and how...

This publication looks at evidence showing that women can add a competitive edge to company boards. It was a joint initiative between Business New Zealand, The Institute of Directors in New Zealand, and the Ministry of Women's Affairs, published in 2009.

Nov 2011
This study was to understand what employers were currently doing in New Zealand to attract and retain women in male-dominated trades and to learn more about the benefits of having women in what have been traditionally male-dominated industries. 

Jul 2000
with: NZ Police
The National Crime Manager sought an independent assessment of the opportunities for and barriers to the recruitment, progress, and retention of women in the Criminal Investigation Branch. This report has been produced at the request of the New Zealand Police in response to concerns initially expressed by the Women's...

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