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Jun 2006
Cultural activities play a significant part in the daily lives of New Zealanders, contributing, among other things, to our national identity and our understanding of ourselves as a nation. This report provides insights into the cultural participation of New Zealanders by looking at patterns and trends of expenditure of New...

Dec 2014
This report presents the key findings of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage’s Giving and Sponsorship Survey 2012, which asked cultural organisations about the funding they received from main sources over the 2011/12 tax year.  We invited around 2,000 cultural organisations to take part in the survey and received 801 valid...

Jun 2009
The cultural indicators presented in this report are designed to measure the extent to which the cultural sector is moving towards, or away from, the high-level outcomes identified for the sector. They indicate whether there is an improvement or deterioration in the well-being of the cultural sector.  This is...