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Sep 2012
This ERO report is part of a series of reports being published over three years about aspects of the implementation of the National Standards in English-medium schools, with students in Years 1 to 8. The report focuses on schools’ progress with reporting to parents in relation to the National Standards.

Aug 2009
These earlier reports should be used for  historical perspective – many of our more recent reports replace these and are more current and up to date. Schools are expected to be preparing for the implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum by February 2010. As...

Jul 2011
In 2010 New Zealand participated in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Review on Evaluation and Assessment Frameworks for Improving School Outcomes. The purpose of the review was to explore how systems of evaluation and assessment can be used to improve outcomes in primary and...

Sep 2008
This report is based on the findings of ERO’s most recent education reviews of the six health camp schools in New Zealand. The findings are intended to contribute to the Ministry of Education’s examination of the support given to students enrolled in health camp schools, and the role in the wider network of provision that these...

In 2015, ERO investigated target setting in both primary and secondary schools. We focused on the extent to which targeted actions of schools supported accelerated progress for students at risk of not achieving.

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