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Contents Minister's foreword Introduction The issues What we have learned Children and young people charged in court Apprehension rates of children and young people The...

Nov 2009
The STOP (Stop tagging our place) Strategy is a recently developed strategy with the overall aim of preventing graffiti in New Zealand. The STOP strategy provides a framework for reducing graffiti vandalism in New Zealand. The STOP strategy has three components; prevention, management and enforcement. The Ministry of Justice (...

Dec 2013
Public trust in our institutions and the law is essential to making society work effectively. We want a justice system that delivers the core results of reduced crime and improved safety, and that better meets modern public expectations of service. We also want to be transparent about what we are doing and...

31 Mar 2014
The Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court (AODT Court) pilot is designed to supervise offenders whose offending is driven by their alcohol and other drug (AOD) dependency, by providing judicial oversight of their engagement with treatment programmes and rehabilitation support services before they are sentenced. The desired...

Mar 2009
This is the third Family Court Statistics report. It is based on data up to and including the 2007 year. It differs from the previous report as it provides detailed data on two full calendar years. The statistics contained in the report provide an overview of activity in the Family Court and those who access its services....

Apr 2010
The report Child and Youth Offending Statistics in New Zealand: 1992 to 2008 is the third in an annual series. It presents statistics on children (aged 10 to 13) and youth (aged 14 to 16) involved in child offending and youth justice processes. The report examines trends in Police apprehensions of children and...