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Sep 2012
This report presents results from the 2011 Survey of Income, Expenditure and Fees of ECE Services. It provides information on average costs of providing ECE services, and the main drivers of these costs. It provides new information on average parental charges, and how much of services costs are met by government and how much are...

28 Feb 2012
This report presents key findings for Pacific peoples from the 2008/09 New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey, including energy and nutrient intake, dietary supplement use, dietary habits and eating patterns, food security, and nutrition-related health (eg, body size, blood pressure and diabetes).  This report also includes...

Oct 2012
This paper outlines the implications of adjusting productivity statistics for a variable rate of capacity utilisation of capital. Capacity utilisation data from the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research shows that capacity utilisation is not constant over time. Capacity utilisation adjustment leads to marginally lower...

As part of the continuing evaluation of the implementation of Reading Recovery, schools with Reading Recovery are asked to provide information for the Ministry of Education on an annual basis. This information is used to examine trends in the delivery of Reading Recovery and the progress of students, and to assist the Ministry...

20 Jun 2012
This report describes the microbiological and chemical quality of water in New Zealand drinking-water supplies serving populations of more than 100 people, and progress towards meeting the requirements of the Health Act 1956, from July 2010 to June 2011. The report comprises the following: the level of...

Aug 2015
These reports document the surveys of state and state integrated schools designed to capture student attendance and absence over one week.

Jul 2012
This paper tests the assumption of a Cobb-Douglas production function (a unitary elasticity of substitution between capital and labour) for 20 of New Zealand’s industries, using Statistics New Zealand’s industry-level productivity data. It also assesses how the Leontief production function (zero substitutability) may apply to...

2 Dec 2012
Policies and practices regarding the collection, classification and output of data on multiple ethnicities have changed over time in New Zealand, in line with broader shifts in the approach to ethnicity data in official statistics. The 2005 Statistical Standard for Ethnicity produced by Statistics New Zealand...

3 May 2012
The Communicable Disease Control Manual seeks to inform and assist those at the frontline of public health action, namely the medical officers of health, health protection officers and staff at public health units. The primary purpose of the manual is to describe the standard practice that public health services would normally...

22 Mar 2012
The Ministry of Health acknowledges the support and assistance of the HIV and AIDS sector stakeholders in preparing this report. The initial phase involved circulation of the specific civil society questions and a consensus process for the civil society organisations to reach an agreement based on the majority...

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