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Jun 2016
State of Care 2016 is an annual report based on our independent monitoring of Child, Youth and Family’s policies, practices and services. It includes feedback from children and young people about their experiences in the system.

Mar 2016
The Health Promotion Agency (HPA)’s Attitudes and Behaviour towards Alcohol Survey (ABAS) monitors New Zealanders’ behaviour and attitudes towards alcohol, including questions about social norm perceptions of alcohol consumption. This factsheet reports on people’s estimates of risky drinking behaviour among adults.

Mar 2016
The pattern of drinking alcohol on an occasion (how much a person drinks and how fast) is related to the level of intoxication, and the risk of injury (National Health and Medical Research Council, 2009). Low-risk alcohol drinking advice for adults on a single occasion is no more than four standard drinks for women and no more...

Jul 2016
This report focuses on the effectiveness of fees-free places and secondary-tertiary programmes in keeping young people in education, assisting them to attain NCEA Level 2 or equivalent and promoting higher level study in tertiary education. It also includes information on employment and other destinations. It covers the period...

Jul 2017
The Living Standards research is an ongoing research programme that aims to develop a comprehensive description of the living standards of New Zealanders using non-income measures of material wellbeing and hardship. Policy makers, researchers, community groups, government agencies and citizens more generally have a strong...

9 Jul 2015
The Families and Whānau Status Report is a series that aims to enrich our understanding of family and whānau wellbeing. Measuring family wellbeing is complicated, not just because there is no universally agreed definition of what we mean by family or wellbeing, but also...

Mar 2016
The HPA’s Attitudes and Behaviour towards Alcohol Survey (ABAS) monitors New Zealanders’ behaviour and attitudes towards alcohol, including alcohol consumption in the past month. This factsheet examines 15 to 17-year-olds’ alcohol use.

Jan 2017
This report presents findings from the 2016 follow up survey and compares them to the baseline survey completed in 2015 which assessed consumers’ awareness, recognition, understanding, and correct use of the Health Star Rating prior to the launch of the consumer campaign. 

Nov 2016
This is the third internal actuarial report produced in relation to the forward liability of the benefit system. The purpose of the report is for the Chief Actuary to independently: Review experience over the year of exit rates, numbers of new clients and clients transitioning between benefits

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