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2 Oct 2006
Obesity is widely recognised to be a major public health concern, and inequalities in body fat distribution are of great current interest. This bulletin uses data from the 2002/03 New Zealand Health Survey to analyse ethnic and gender variations in socio-economic gradients in body fat distribution, using a range of measures of...

2 Aug 2010
The report 'Living Standards and Health: New Zealand 2006/07' compares two measures of living standards that were included in the 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey, and investigates the associations between living standards and health. Living standards are a direct measure of an individual's or ...

2 Aug 2010
The report re-examines the concept of amenable mortality (deaths potentially avoidable through health care) as a health system performance measure.Trends in amenable mortality over the past decade are analysed for both New Zealand and Australia. Variation in amenable mortality across the District Health Boards is also analysed,...

2 Aug 2007
This is the fourth report in the Deacades of Disparity series. It updates the earlier reports by providing estimates of ethnic inequalities and income gradients in mortality (all-cause and by-cause) for 2001- 04. The report is an output of the New Zealand Census - Mortality Study, an ongoing record linkage...

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