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Mar 2010
This fact sheet looks at the percentage of adults aged 25 to 64 engaged in some form of study in 2006. In particular, it includes new information on the total rate at which adults participated in non-formal learning.  The fact sheet also looks at hours spent in non-formal learning, and whether adults were doing this for work-...

Dec 2013
This report is the first in a series that will track trends in the post-compulsory education system in greater Christchurch over the next three years. This first report provides a baseline view of the sector, looking at what happened in 2011 and giving first information on how the system is recovering.

Feb 2008
This report presents a synthesis of the findings of Ministry of Education research between 2004 and 2008 into the research performance of New Zealand’s tertiary education sector.

Sep 2008
Each year, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) publishes Education at a Glance, a collection of indicators that compares the performance of the education systems of its member countries. The indicators in this report give us a good opportunity to view the performance of our system against the systems...

Oct 2013
This report looks at the outcomes for young people who complete a qualification in the New Zealand tertiary education system. It looks at differences in incomes for different types of qualifications. The information in this report can help young people as they make decisions about what to study.The data on earnings and...

Mar 2005
This report provides new information on the impacts of the Student Loan Scheme by looking at the income of those who used the Scheme between 1997 and 2000. One of two analytical reports published using previously unavailable information from Statistics New Zealand's Integrated Dataset on Student Loan Scheme Borrowers.

Jun 2011
The Adult Literacy and Life Skills (ALL) Survey is an investigation of the distribution of certain skills (such as literacy, numeracy, and document interpretation) among the adult population. It is conducted at both international and national levels. This allows for comparison with other countries as well as...

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