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May 2015
To regularly monitor young people’s opinions about tobacco control and aid the development of appropriate health promotion strategies, participants in the 2014 YIS were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with the following tobacco control measures: banning smoking in outdoor areas where young people go, implementing annual...

2 Dec 2005
A first anniversary report assessing impacts of the Smoke-free Environments Amendment Act (2003) has found strong public support, increasing patronage trends in bars, and no significant economic impacts for hospitality venues overall. The law introduced smoking bans for all indoor workplaces and hospitality venues from 10...

28 Feb 2012
Lead absorption from other than occupational sources is a condition which is notifiable to the Medical Officer of Health under the Health Act 1956. The levels of blood lead which are required to be notified in New Zealand are ‘lead absorption equal to or in excess of 0.48 µmol/l’ (10 µg/dl). While the...

Apr 2015
The CERA Wellbeing Survey is an opportunity for residents of greater Christchurch to say how they're going and what they think about the earthquake recovery. It's conducted every six months by CERA and partner agencies with the participation of a random selection of around 2,500 greater Christchurch residents.

May 2013
This research was undertaken as part of the national monitoring of sun exposure and related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours. In addition to monitoring, this project helps to inform the activities of the skin cancer prevention sector, which includes HPA's sun safety programme. The Sun Exposure Survey is an ongoing,...

Working with communities to achieve conservation objectives is a key focus of the Department of Conservation (DOC). This report addresses how DOC can most effectively support communities to develop skills to carry out conservation work, particularly through sharing scientific and technical information. The study began with an...

1 Jan 2014
This document has been developed to help you to prepare a water safety plan (formerly known as a Public Health Risk Management Plan, PHRMP) for your small drinking-water supply. The document provides a qualitative narrative and a series of worksheets to assist in this exercise. You are also encouraged to refer...

1 Jun 2009
The purpose of the report is to provide a screening level risk characterisation of mercury released from breakage of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Risk to infants and adults was evaluated based on two exposure scenarios: CFL breakage in a room with no ventilation and no clean-up, and CFL breakage in a room...

Jun 2011
The use of debt by local government in New Zealand has historically followed a cyclical pattern. This pattern is the result of a number of factors. These include: the debt policy of the council and funding tools (including any historical precedent or reaction and development contributions)

Sep 2010
This first New Zealand Housing Report provides a broad overview of housing market conditions in the building and housing sector. It is the first document to pull together in one place all the information available and look at the overall balance of housing demand and supply. The report provides reference material that all...

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