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Sep 2012
This report presents results from the 2011 Survey of Income, Expenditure and Fees of ECE Services. It provides information on average costs of providing ECE services, and the main drivers of these costs. It provides new information on average parental charges, and how much of services costs are met by government and how much are...

The 2013 Disability Survey is going to collect information about both: disabled people  people who do not have a disability. The information will help us know: how many disabled people live in New Zealand ...

23 Jun 2010
This publication was prepared on the request of the Ministry of Health by Allen and Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists Limited. Background information. The Ministry of Health asked Allen and Clarke to investigate setting up a special support service for former sawmill workers who were exposed to...

Longitudinal analyses with continuous repeated outcomes provide fuller insight into population and individual behaviour over time. Insights into processes of social change can thus be greatly enhanced through a more extensive use of longitudinal data. Using the Linked Employer-Employee Data (LEED), factors associated with wage...

2 Oct 2009
This report presents the key findings about alcohol use and alcohol-related harm among New Zealand adults, from the 2007/08 New Zealand Alcohol and Drug Use Survey. The survey measured alcohol and drug use among over 6,500 New Zealanders aged 16–64 years from August 2007 to April 2008. The report covers past-...

Jul 2010
Job creation and destruction statistics at the aggregate level reflect the net result of the thousands of businesses in the New Zealand economy changing their specific employment levels from one reference period to the next. This can be due to many reasons, such as the growth or decline of markets, the introduction of new...

These reports detail findings from the annual information match between Ministry of Social Development (MSD) benefit and Department of Labour (the Department) immigration data. The purpose of the study is to determine the extent of benefit receipt by migrants. Due to the diverse objectives of immigration...

Jul 2012
This paper tests the assumption of a Cobb-Douglas production function (a unitary elasticity of substitution between capital and labour) for 20 of New Zealand’s industries, using Statistics New Zealand’s industry-level productivity data. It also assesses how the Leontief production function (zero substitutability) may apply to...

Nov 2010
This is the fourth benchmark report written and published by the New Zealand Human Rights Commission. It expands the coverage of women in public and professional life and for the first time adds women’s representation in accountancy, profiles achievers in agri-business, and reports on women’s status in teaching. Other new items...

This was published in December 2004. This report presents 35 indicators of the social wellbeing of children and young people in New Zealand. The indicators capture different aspects of the 10 selected social outcome domains, which in turn represent key dimensions of social wellbeing. An indicator report aims...

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