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Jan 2007
The summary may be useful for early childhood education services who wish to compare their costs to other services, or to understand how the Ministry of Education interprets the data . It is a relatively technical report for services that want more detail about the process. In June and July 2006 the Ministry...

Jul 2009
This report provides the summary results of the 2008 Survey of Operating Costs for early childhood education (ECE) services.

Nov 2015
This report presents results from the 2013 Survey of Income, Expenditure and Fees (SIEF) at ECE Services. This survey collected information on the costs, income, assets and liabilities, fees and voluntary work and is comparable to the 2011 SIEF. The cost drivers surveys were also carried out in 2005, 2006 and 2008.

Oct 2007
Non-profit organisations (NPOs) make a huge contribution to all aspects of New Zealand life and form a key part of the community and voluntary sector, yet little is known about the overall levels of funding they receive from the Government. In June 2006, a survey was sent to government departments seeking...

Jul 2011
Pursuant to section 23(5) of the Local Government Rating Act 2002 (the Act), local authorities are required to submit a copy of their rates resolution to the Department of Internal Affairs (the Department). Since financial year (FY) 2007/08, staff from the Department have collated and analysed these...

Feb 2013
This is an initial statistical report on the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool in terms of the extent of its use in 2011, the first full year of implementation, the reading and numeracy profiles of learners when first assessed, and the extent to which learners can be seen to have increased their reading and...

Jan 2015
Business participation in government assistance programmes presents descriptive statistics on the businesses that participate in different types of government assistance programmes (GAP), including their size, industry, and characteristics. This report's purpose does not include evaluating any of these...

Mar 2007
20 Hours ECE funding rates need to fund the full average cost of providing early childhood education in each type of service. This requires information on the cost of provision, and on how that cost varies between types of early childhood education service.

Sep 2012
At the time of this review there were 46 licensed non-club gaming societies (NCS) operating gaming machines in commercial venues in New Zealand. Under regulations associated with the Gambling Act 2003 (the Act), all societies conducting Class 4 gambling are required to present a basic level of information on their websites. This...

Oct 2014
Purpose of this document The overarching purpose of this document is to describe the methodology for calculating the EPIs and the participation indicator. This document sets out the current business methodology for calculating the EPIs and the...

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