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Jan 2007
The summary may be useful for early childhood education services who wish to compare their costs to other services, or to understand how the Ministry of Education interprets the data . It is a relatively technical report for services that want more detail about the process. In June and July 2006 the Ministry...

Jul 2009
This report provides the summary results of the 2008 Survey of Operating Costs for early childhood education (ECE) services.

The 2013 Disability Survey is going to collect information about both: disabled people  people who do not have a disability. The information will help us know: how many disabled people live in New Zealand ...

Feb 2011
Over the last 10 years, almost a million tertiary education qualifications have been awarded to New Zealanders. One-third of these were bachelors or higher qualifications. This report looks at whether rates of achievement have been improving and whether there are differences in achievement for men and women,...

Feb 2013
This is an initial statistical report on the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool in terms of the extent of its use in 2011, the first full year of implementation, the reading and numeracy profiles of learners when first assessed, and the extent to which learners can be seen to have increased their reading and...

Mar 2007
20 Hours ECE funding rates need to fund the full average cost of providing early childhood education in each type of service. This requires information on the cost of provision, and on how that cost varies between types of early childhood education service.

This is the second Children and Young People: Indicators of Wellbeing in New Zealand report which we have produced. Government policy, as well as individuals, families, communities, businesses and international factors influence the outcomes we report on.The 2008 report presents: indicators of the social wellbeing of children...

Nov 2013
In this paper, we access preliminary enrolment data to analyse the number of domestic students studying at the postgraduate level in 2013, and how this compared to the previous three years. We complement the analysis of student enrolments by also presenting interim data on student loan borrowers and student allowance recipients...

Mar 2012
This report looks at the post-study employment and earnings for ECE teaching graduates over a five year period following the completion of their qualification. The research provides information on the make-up of ECE teaching graduates, and aims to provide insights on how attractive the ECE sector may be in terms of recruiting,...

Feb 2013
This report presents the findings of a small scale piece of qualitative research with nine providers delivering programmes to young people. The purpose of this research is to understand the experiences of implementing the Assessment Tool. This report supplements the quantitative analysis of first results from the Assessment Tool...

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