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Jan 2007
The summary may be useful for early childhood education services who wish to compare their costs to other services, or to understand how the Ministry of Education interprets the data . It is a relatively technical report for services that want more detail about the process. In June and July 2006 the Ministry...

Jul 2009
This report provides the summary results of the 2008 Survey of Operating Costs for early childhood education (ECE) services.

2 Aug 2007
As the case studies in this booklet attest, there are many good reasons to view family violence as a health issue. Health professionals are often the first to see victims when they most need help. Effective early intervention for children is very powerful in reducing long term harm. Family violence also imposes big strains on...

2 Apr 2007
Antenatal Down Syndrome Screening in New Zealand 2007 is the result of work carried out by the Antenatal Down Syndrome Screening Advisory Group. The Advisory Group was convened as part of a review of the current practice of antenatal screening for Down syndrome carried out by the National Screening Unit. This...

Mar 2007
20 Hours ECE funding rates need to fund the full average cost of providing early childhood education in each type of service. This requires information on the cost of provision, and on how that cost varies between types of early childhood education service.

This is the second Children and Young People: Indicators of Wellbeing in New Zealand report which we have produced. Government policy, as well as individuals, families, communities, businesses and international factors influence the outcomes we report on.The 2008 report presents: indicators of the social wellbeing of children...

10 May 2013
This document provides advice for health practitioners on vitamin D and sun exposure in pregnancy and infancy. It identifies those at high risk of vitamin D deficiency and provides recommendations for vitamin D supplementation. This document complements advice for the general population: The Consensus...

Promoting breakfast eating among children has many benefits, including improved cognitive and physical abilities, increased likelihood of meeting the recommendations for fruit and vegetable intake, and decreased unhealthy snacking. The Ministry of Health’s Food and Nutrition Guidelines highlight the importance of eating three...

Mar 2012
This report looks at the post-study employment and earnings for ECE teaching graduates over a five year period following the completion of their qualification. The research provides information on the make-up of ECE teaching graduates, and aims to provide insights on how attractive the ECE sector may be in terms of recruiting,...

9 Jul 2015
The Families and Whānau Status Report is a series that aims to enrich our understanding of family and whānau wellbeing. Measuring family wellbeing is complicated, not just because there is no universally agreed definition of what we mean by family or wellbeing, but also...

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