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Sep 2013
In 2011, the Health Quality & Safety Commission (the Commission) made a decision to separate district health board (DHB) mental health and addictions services serious adverse events (SAEs) from the main SAE report, and to support the sector in its approach to reviewing and reporting SAEs. The following report is the...

25 Sep 2012
The Guidance for Integrated Paediatric Palliative Care Services in New Zealand is a guide to improve the integration of palliative care service delivery to children and young people in New Zealand. A summary document has the key recommendations of the Guidance that DHB funders and planners can use as a quick reference guide....

Nov 2013
Patient falls resulting in harm are one of the most frequently reported adverse events in hospitals. Of the 730 serious adverse events reported by district health boards (DHBs) in New Zealand in 2010–12, 365 were patient falls (averaging one every other day); of those, 170 were associated with a hip fracture, typically adding an...

31 Jan 2013
The Quality improvement review of a screening event in the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening and Early Intervention Programme (UNHSEIP) details the findings into an incident which led to 2000 babies being recalled for newborn hearing screening. Since 2010 all 20 district health boards (DHBs) have offered...

Nov 2013
In June 2012 the Ministry of Health convened a Panel of Experts to provide advice after the occurrence of five incidents of serious errors in reporting of anatomical pathology results. The errors occurred over a two year period, four incidents involved breast biopsy tissue and the fifth involved oral tissue,...

2 Aug 2010
The report re-examines the concept of amenable mortality (deaths potentially avoidable through health care) as a health system performance measure.Trends in amenable mortality over the past decade are analysed for both New Zealand and Australia. Variation in amenable mortality across the District Health Boards is also analysed,...

1 Apr 2011
Health targets are a set of national performance measures specifically designed to improve the performance of health services. They provide a focus for action.The impact they make can be measured to see how they are improving health for all New Zealanders. The Government has identified reducing waiting times...

2 Aug 2006
Te Kōkiri: The Mental Health and Addiction Action Plan has been developed to directly implement Te Tāhuhu – Improving Mental Health 2005-2015: The Second New Zealand Mental Health and Addiction Plan. Te Kōkiri is the result of extensive consultation with the mental health and addiction sector over the past two...

Sep 2011
These reports outline trends in teacher numbers, teacher loss rates and reasons for teacher losses. They are produced annually by the Demographic & Statistical Analysis Unit to assist in the Ministry's monitoring of teacher supply and give an indication of the stability of the teacher workforce and the state of...

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