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Jul 2014
The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is responsible for the regulation of gambling in New Zealand so that it is safe, fair, legal and honest. Stakeholders in gambling regulation comprise a diverse range of organisations and individuals. As a responsible regulator, DIA is interested in understanding stakeholder views on their...

Oct 2007
Non-profit organisations (NPOs) make a huge contribution to all aspects of New Zealand life and form a key part of the community and voluntary sector, yet little is known about the overall levels of funding they receive from the Government. In June 2006, a survey was sent to government departments seeking...

2 Mar 2010
Ala Mo'ui sets out the priority outcomes and actions for the next five years that will contribute towards achieving better health outcomes for Pacific people, families and communities. 'Ala Mo'ui can be used by the health and disability sector as a tool for planning and prioritising actions and...

Jul 2006
The Local Government Act 2002 requires all local authorities to facilitate a process, at least once every six years, to identify community outcomes. This identifies the social, economic, environmental and cultural outcomes that communities want for their future well-being. The Department of Internal Affairs...

Jul 2011
Pursuant to section 23(5) of the Local Government Rating Act 2002 (the Act), local authorities are required to submit a copy of their rates resolution to the Department of Internal Affairs (the Department). Since financial year (FY) 2007/08, staff from the Department have collated and analysed these...

2 Jun 2011
This booklet looks at a new policy direction for health, introduced two years ago, which creates an environment where health professionals in the community are actively encouraged to work with one another, and with hospital-based clinicians to deliver health care in a co-ordinated and co-operative manner so that more services...

Mar 2010
The Ministry of Social Development undertook three surveys between December 2007 and September 2008 to measure the reach and retention of the Campaign for Action on Family Violence ‘It's not OK' television advertisements. Two phases of ads have run with a total of 2,695 New Zealanders taking part in...

Aug 2015
The Canterbury Wellbeing Index tracks the progress of the social recovery, using indicators to provide information on the impacts of the earthquakes on wellbeing and to identify emerging social trends and issues. It helps CERA and partner agencies make decisions about the most efficient way to target funds and resources. It also...

This is the second Children and Young People: Indicators of Wellbeing in New Zealand report which we have produced. Government policy, as well as individuals, families, communities, businesses and international factors influence the outcomes we report on.The 2008 report presents: indicators of the social wellbeing of children...

22 Mar 2012
The Ministry of Health acknowledges the support and assistance of the HIV and AIDS sector stakeholders in preparing this report. The initial phase involved circulation of the specific civil society questions and a consensus process for the civil society organisations to reach an agreement based on the majority...

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