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2 Apr 2007
The Whānau Ora Health Impact Assessment tool is a formal approach used to predict the potential health effects of a policy on Māori and their whānau. It pays particular attention to Māori involvement in the policy development process and articulates the role of the wider health determinants in influencing health and well-being...

Apr 2008
The main objective of this paper is to investigate the use of earnings spells in LEED as a measure of job tenure. The paper was motivated by whether LEED could be used to identify and describe seasonal employment patterns, which typically only last for a few months. The paper explores the extent to which employment relationships...

Sep 2007
This report presents information on the allocation, to authorised purposes, of non-casino gaming machine profits. It is based on three surveys that gathered information relating to the years 1996, 1999/2000 and 2005. The total amount players spent (ie lost) on non-casino gaming machines (ie gaming machine...

Jun 2014
This report focuses on the destinations of young domestic graduates. It complements our recent publication 'What young graduates earn when they leave study' which looks at the earnings of young graduates who remain in New Zealand.  In this report, we focus on differences in what graduates do rather than what they earn...

Apr 2015
This report synthesises the inputs, outputs and outcomes of the Government's tertiary education expenditure over the period 2004-2013 in the five largest tertiary education funds. In total, these funds distributed over $4 billion to providers and students in 2013.

Mar 2015
This paper describes an investigation into apprenticeship-type training programmes offered by tertiary education institutions. Most people who qualify for a trade do so via the industry training system, in an in-work and off-job training arrangement organised through an industry training organisation (ITO)....

2 Dec 2006
Whakatātaka Tuarua 2006-2011, the second Māori Health Action Plan, sets objectives for Māori health over the next five years and builds on from Whakatātaka - The Māori Health Action Plan which was implemented in 2002, which has provided the health sector with a valuable tool for contributing to reducing health inequalities...

23 Oct 2013
The Schedule outlines the 12 core visits delivered as part of the Well / Child Tamariki Ora Programme to protect and improve health outcomes for New Zealand children, from birth to five years. The Schedule outlines: health and development assessments for the child

2 Mar 2011
People in New Zealand have high expectations that they will have good access to health care services when they need them. Health targets provide a clear and specific focus for action to ensure that this health care is of the highest quality and within the best possible time. It is very...

8 Aug 2013
The New Zealand Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factors Study 2006-2016 (NZBD) is a systematic analysis of health loss by cause for New Zealanders of all ages, both sexes and both major ethnic groups. It includes estimates of fatal and nonfatal health losses from 217 diseases and injuries and 31 biological and behavioural...

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