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This report is the third volume in the Ministry of Social Development’s new research series Raising Children in New Zealand. The series was established as a means of disseminating the results from the Ministry’s “Family Dynamics/Family Effectiveness” work programme, which has been funded out of the Cross-departmental Research Pool...

Jun 2003
Social Work Now, Issue 24, pages 10-16 Ross Mackay reviews the research literature on family resilience and child outcomes.

Jan 2004
Social Work Now, Issue 26, pages 15-20. Melanie Pearson examines issues of family involvement in residential intervention such as Children’s Health Camps

Jul 2004
This report describes a study of stepfamilies in which the perspectives on relationships and wellbeing in stepfamilies were obtained from children, parents, stepparents, non-resident parents and teachers. The main aim was to examine and understand the impact of the quality of relationships on factors representing resilience in these...

Dec 2005
This report describes the main findings of the Early Childhood Centres and Family Resilience Study. The study examined whether early childhood centres were perceived by participants to have supported the development of family resilience and helped them cope with challenging and stressful times, and if so, how.

Young adults with severe mental health problems have unique challenges and patterns of service use. Not only do many people begin to use mental health services between the ages of 18 and 29, they are one of the largest groups of service users. The decisions, identity formation and life events experienced by young adults can have a...

1 Jun 2006
This Families Commission report examines family life in the twenty-first century, often characterised by anxiety and uncertainty about what it means to ‘be family’, and what the functions of families are. The stability provided by external sources such as church, state and community is being steadily eroded as families become...

Dec 2007
Social Work Now, Issue 38, pages 21-28. Statutory child protection work is often viewed as the sharp end of social work practice, located in a turbulent environment characterised by continuous change, complex case dynamics and scarce resources. Working in such a demanding context can be fraught with anxiety, tension and stress for both...

Apr 2008
Social Work Now, Issue 39, pages 5-14. Theory, research, and practice in social work are inescapably intertwined. Each can inform and enrich the others. As a clinical scholar, educator, and practitioner over the past three decades, I have endeavoured to integrate the three in the development of a family resilience framework to guide...

1 Jun 2008
This Families Commission report contributes to a broad view of the complexity and importance of families, and how they can be supported to enhance their wellbeing. Family form and structure have changed over the past 60 years, raising questions about how families can meet contemporary functions. Because the family is an economic entity,...

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