Education for Māori: Using information to improve Māori educational success

In 2012, we started a five-year programme of work to find out how well the education system supports Māori students to achieve their full potential. This third report looks at whether the Ministry of Education, education agencies, and schools use and manage information effectively and efficiently to improve educational success for Māori.

We expected to see an education sector that collects, analyses, and shares information to improve Māori student success by targeting and using its resources to best effect.

We looked at what information is collected and how it is collected, analysed, and shared to support Māori students’ success. We analysed data collected by the Ministry of Education and others, including the Education Review Offi ce, and visited some schools.

Our analysis raises several questions about how the education sector uses information. We do not answer those questions. We intended our analysis to show the sorts of questions and insights that can be explored using existing information.

When individual schools and agencies make good use of what they know about a student, it makes a difference to that student’s success. However, there is a lot of room for the education sector to improve how it collects, shares, and uses information.

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Jun 2016

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