Evaluation of the Maternity Quality and Safety Programme

Local maternity quality and safety programmes have been operating in each DHB since 2012 and have raised the profile of maternity quality and safety by establishing more effective governance structures, enhanced clinical leadership and better engagement with the sector and consumers.

In 2014/15, the Ministry contracted Allen + Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists to evaluate the impact of the local maternity quality and safety programmes. They found that the programmes had started to deliver meaningful improvements and there was significant value in continued Ministry of Health investment and support.

The report highlights some of the challenges DHBs have faced in implementing the local maternity quality and safety programmes and provides useful information for DHBs as they move into the next phase of their local programmes.

In mid-2015 the Ministry of Health confirmed ongoing funding for DHB maternity quality and safety programmes.

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Commissioning agencies
Date of last publication
30 Jul 2015
Organisation conducting the research
Allen and Clarke

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