Main activity of people not in the labour force

This article looks at the main activity of people who were not in the labour force in the September 2016 quarter, using information from the Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS). Information about their main activity was updated in the redeveloped HLFS questionnaire.

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Date of last publication
22 Dec 2016

Key Results

  • The most-common main activity of people not in the labour force was free-time activities.
  • For 15–24-year-olds not in the labour force, 78.3 percent said studying or training was their main activity.
  • Women were more likely than men to have been looking after a child or doing household work as their main activity.
  • Men were more likely than women to have been doing free-time activities, study or training, or 'own care due to sickness/injury/disability' as their main activity.

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