Reasons people who are not employed left their last job

This paper focuses on the 482,000 people who left their last job in the last five years and who are currently either unemployed or not in the labour force. In this paper Statistics New Zealand looks at the main reason they left their last job, as well as other aspects such as their current labour force status and the job they left.

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Date of last publication
Jan 2017

Key Results

  •  The most common reason people who are not currently employed left their last job was to retire – 21.2 percent.
  •  Retirement was the reason almost three-quarters (73.2 percent) of people aged 65 years and over left their last job.
  •  Retirement was the most common reason men left their last job. The most common reason women left their last job was parental or family responsibilities.
  •  Sales workers were the most likely to have left to enrol in education or training – 21.9 percent.
  •  The highest proportion of people leaving due to sickness or injury was in the 55– 64-year-old age group.

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