Vocational pathways: authentic and relevant learning

ERO evaluated how well 35 secondary schools were using Vocational Pathways. While most schools knew about and were using the pathways, they were not fully realising the initiative’s potential. Vocational Pathways can be a valued part of a school’s curriculum for all students when used as more than just an add-on to careers education or course selection processes.  

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Date of last publication
30 May 2016


ERO collected data from all secondary and composite schools (excluding those in Auckland City) that had a regular education review in Term 3 and the first three weeks of Term 4, 2015. This totalled 35 schools.

The overall evaluation question was:

>    How well are schools using Vocational Pathways to help provide students with a relevant, responsive curriculum?

While onsite, reviewers drew on evidence from meetings, interviews, observations and document analysis to answer the following investigative questions:

>    How is the school community aware of and using Vocational Pathways?

>    How are Vocational Pathways affecting students in this school?

>    How are Vocational Pathways influencing the school's curriculum?

>    What successes and challenges has the school had with using Vocational Pathways?

A specialist review team then revisited seven schools identified as actively implementing aspects of Vocational Pathways in Term 4, 2015.

Demographic information about the schools in this evaluation is included in Appendix 1.

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