Workplace Literacy Fund: Employer-led Outcomes Report 2013-2015

This report examines the extent to which Workplace LN funding contributed to outcomes for individuals and their workplaces, based on analysis of quantitative and qualitative data supplied by 30 employers in their final fund reports to the TEC. The reports came from 35 employer-led programmes that ran between 2013-2015.

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Commissioning agencies
Date of last publication
Aug 2016
Organisation conducting the research
Skills Highway

Key Results

Employers’ reports on programmes funded through the employer-led strand of the

Workplace Literacy Fund show:

• it is reaching priority learners, industries and regions

• gains in literacy and numeracy, but the exact extent of these cannot be determined because of the way they are reported

• improvements in how workers use their literacy and numeracy skills at work which lead to improved efficiencies in the workplace

• improvements in workers’ confidence that leads them to better engage and participate in their workplaces which in turn leads to a more positive workplace culture

• an inability to report on the extent to which there have been productivity improvements

• a range of approaches to sustainability.

The reports also highlight that the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) should review the reporting templates and requirements to enable employers to provide better quantitative and qualitative outcomes data. This would make it easier for the TEC to collate, analyse and synthesise the data and draw conclusions about the

outcomes of funded programmes.

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