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Health Promotion Agency (HPA)

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HPA leads and delivers innovative, high quality and cost-effective programmes that:

  • promote health, wellbeing and healthy lifestyles
  • prevent disease, illness and injury
  • enable environments that support health and wellbeing and healthy lifestyles reduce personal, social and economic harm.

It also undertakes functions specific to providing advice and research on alcohol issues.

High On Life Evaluation Report

This report presents the results of an evaluation of the High on Life (HOL) initiative implemented in secondary schools in urban Wanganui and the Taranaki...

ALAC Alcohol Monitor 2008-09

This report updates the previous drinking behaviours report produced for ALAC covering the 2005-06, 2006-07, and 2007-08 periods. The 2008-09 year saw a change in ALAC's...

National Alcohol Accords Stocktake

This report collates information from the initial Phase 1 draft report compiled by Barry MaDonald and Paul Tweed, Canterbury District Health Board - Community and Public...

Perceptions of quitting difficulty: In Fact

In 2010, around four in 10 (42%) young people thought it would definitely be difficult to quit smoking once someone has started, and around four in...

Casino gambling in New Zealand: Technical report

This report provides a snapshot of people’s perceptions, and risk, of harm from casino gambling in New Zealand, from data collected in the 2010 Health and Lifestyles...