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Families Commission (now operates as the Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit)

Website: Families Commission (now operates as the Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit: Superu)

We are the Families Commission and operate as Superu (the Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit), an autonomous Crown entity governed by the Crown Entities Act 2004. We provide an independent perspective with regard to Government policy.

We were established by the Families Commission Act 2003 (amended 2013) to act as an advocate for the interests of families generally, and now also have responsibility to monitor and evaluate programmes and interventions in the social sector and to provide social science research into key issues.

Beyond Zero Tolerance

If New Zealand wants to move beyond zero tolerance for family violence, we must actively foster and promote healthy relationships across all levels and sectors of...

Overview of Māori teen pregnancy

This review is a part of a broader research project being undertaken by the Families Commission in relation to teenage pregnancy and ‘repeat’ teenage pregnancy. The...

Growing Up In New Zealand: At 9 Months Old

Growing Up in New Zealand is a longitudinal study that provides an up-to-date, population-relevant picture of what it is like to be a child growing up...

Mātiro Whakamua: Looking over the horizon

In the report Whānau Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow[ānau/whānau] Colleen Tuuta wrote a chapter based on interviews with a stunning group of Māori leaders. The chapter identified themes that...