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Education Review Office (ERO)

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ERO reviews schools and early childhood education services, and publishes national reports on current education practice.

Working with National Standards: Good Practice

This report is part of a series of national evaluation reports ERO is publishing over three years about the implementation of the National Standards in English-medium...

Pacific Adolescent Career Pathways

The Pacific Adolescent Career Pathways project is, to date, the largest and only Pacific-specific longitudinal study designed to explore and address information gaps on the formative...

Teaching strategies that work - Reading

The Education Review Office (ERO) has released the latest in its Teaching Strategies that Work series. “Keeping children engaged and achieving in reading” is a description of strategies used by...

Activity Centres - An Overview

This national report presents the findings of ERO’s recent evaluation of the 14 Activity Centres in New Zealand providing alternative schooling for secondary students likely to...