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Education Review Office (ERO)

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ERO reviews schools and early childhood education services, and publishes national reports on current education practice.

Good Practice in Alternative Education

In June 2010 the Education Review Office (ERO) evaluated the work of six Alternative Education providers. This work was undertaken through an agreement with the Ministry...

Schools’ Provision for International Students

The evaluation looked at four aspects of international education (schools' self review, pastoral care, quality of education and social integration) and concluded that most schools were...

KiwiSport in Schools

KiwiSport is a government initiative established in 2009 to increase opportunities for school-aged children to participate in organised sport. This report presents the findings of a...

Schools’ Provision for International Students

This national report is ERO’s seventh report about international students. This evaluation included 95 schools (both primary and secondary) and focused on five aspects in relation...